Monday, September 22, 2008


I have been very bad at blogging lately... but thats not the only thing I've been bad at...I havent been nearly as good of friend as I should be... I feel really guilty about it too. I have been slacking around the house and not motivating myself to get up earlier and getting the kids dressed. By the time we're ready to head out, it's practically lunch time! So I ask my friends to forgive me for my anti-social "ness" lately. Jacob is doing a lot better and is making going out in public a lot more enjoyable! I would love to get back into "play-date" mode again!! There is so much I want to write about but it would be a novel so I'll try and keep it short and sweet (ha!) I forgot to mention last week that my neighbor who demos organic food at Whole Foods, had a ton of leftovers after a recent show and offered it to Steven and I!! There was so much I had to take a picture (cheese, pickles, chips, salsa, drinks, bread, calzones and much, much, more!!! We were so excited to try out the variety of foods she gave us!! Thank you Mandie!!

We were so lucky to have my cousin (MacKenzie) for the weekend! Shes pretty much my only cousin and since she's only 3 years older than me, we have a great relationship and are great friends!! We are just bummed she lives in San Fransisco...but she did mention shes not opposed to transfering to Seattle!! (She works for the Hyatt) Saturday, we took her to the Puyallup Fair which she loved! It was a great time had by all and my parents took Jacob for the day which made it a lot easier!! That night we met back up with them at The Ram and had a great dinner and had a good time catching up!! After dinner Chris and Angela invited us all over to watch Baby Mama, it was really good and we all had a blast hanging out!! Sunday after church, we came home to cheer on the Seahawks to victory (finally!) That night, her friends who moved up here from San Fransisco a year ago invited us all up for dinner at their place in Kirkland. She is a chef for the Hyatt in Bellevue and her husband is in charge of housekeeping at the same hotel! We were quite spoiled; their back porch was within feet of Lake Washington, they had a stunning view of the water as well as the million dollar houses across the way! We already invited ourselves over for Seafair and the 4th of July next year!! The best part of the night was finding out that the Seahawks stay in their hotel the night before each home game!! I got to hear story after story about some of the players and the weekly made for a very entertaining evening and I was on cloud nine. Unfortunatley, they werent big sports fans so it wasnt nearly as big of deal to them as it was for Steven and I. He actually said " I was cleaning out their rooms this morning!!" Im not obsessed, I swear He got our info and is going to send us a few Seahawks souveiners for me to put in Jacobs room!! Once again, my parents took Jacob for the night which worked well because we didnt get home until almost midnight!! We had some amazing bbq'd chicken, marinated and stuffed with garlic and rosemary, and for the first time we ate risotto (sp?) we always heard about it on Hell's Kitchen and wondered what it was...and it was amazing!! We had a great time getting to know MacKenzies friends and thank Marco and Adriene for having us over!! Today was Mackenzies last day (unfortunatley) the weekend went by so fast and we were sad to see her go. We did manage lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and a brisk walk at the new Southcenter Mall!! The kids did great and we all took a long nap this afternoon!!

We took Jacob to the new Bradley Lake playground this evening and he was in Heaven!! He ran all over the place making sure he played with everything!! He loved that Steven was watching him and he wanted to be like the "big" kids. We had a wonderful evening and I will post a few of my favorite pictures!! Wish me luck...tomorrow Norah has her 2 month appt. she will need quite a few shots which could potentially mean one long afternoon!! I cant wait to see how much she weighs...shes getting rolls all over the place!! Oh and you probably noticed Norahs new headband.. Thank you Ricci for making it for us!! Norah seems to prefer yours much more than her red one. Ricci also makes hair clips for little girls as well, check out her etsy site
here!! You're so darn talented, Love you!!

Hopefully I didnt ramble too much, and I will try and be a better blogger this week!!


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We enjoyed having you over on Sat. night (like always). I am so excited for Monday night. I can't wait to try Bahama Breeze. I sure hope it is good!!!! :)