Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesdays Ten...

1. I had a new favorite restruant: Bahama Breeze!! We went last night for my best friend Angelas birthday

2. We are going to Maui in 6 months!

3. I am so excited to start purchasing fabric for the nursing wraps coming soon! (And thank you everyone for all your support and interest, I will be starting them in the next few days!)

4. I am learning how to cook...and enjoying it!

5. I won my fantasy football game last week by .5 (that's a half point) phew!

6. I am going to meet 2 girls from my message board this Sunday (who I have never met before) and another that I havent seen in years, Im really excited to reconnect!

7. This Friday and Saturday is the women's retreat at church!! They are always so much fun and it will be a nice break!

8. Praise God, Steven still has a job...and things are picking up. He does, however, have an interview for the union on the 30th of Oct. Pray for guidance on his decision (Thank you!)

9. My dad is participating in a "medical study" for (3) 10 night stays which began last week. Poor mom :( ...he's also going to be missing Jacobs 2nd birthday. Im bummed.

10. We lost our kitty (Teekie) for 7 days and just found her 2 nights ago under our neighbors house!!! We were so happy!!


~amy~ said...

I believe I am a follower already.... funny girl ;) I LOVE Bahama Breeze too!

Christia said...

Oh man!!! I miss Bahama Breeze! My favorite is the coconut shrimp & the Jerk Chicken pasta!