Saturday, September 27, 2008

Coming Soon::Nursing Covers!!

Ok, so if you dont know, my mom has an amazing talent of sewing. Growing up, I was constantly wearing dresses and outfits she had made for me. I remember our days at the fabric store picking out patterns for new clothes and letting me pick the styles I wanted to wear. To this day she can just look at a pattern and make it. She enjoys making crib sheets for expecting moms as well as blankets, curtains and pajamas for Jacob :) I took for granted all the time and effort it took making all of that stuff and now I wish I would have taken her up on the multiple offers of learning how to sew. I have decided to start making nursing covers (aka "hooter hiders") my good friend Danielle made one for me and I use it so much!! I love it, its especially handy at the mall or at church. It allows me to still see what I'm doing without overheating Norah!! I will start out with help from my mom (keep in mind, I have never touched a sewing machine...ever!) but I consider myself a fast learner and with the coaching from my mom, I believe it can be done! She even has an extra sewing machine for me to use!! I am so excited to start making these trendy covers, but I need your help. I've always gone to JoAnns for fabric and they dont always have the cutest of designs. If you live in western Washington and know of fabric stores (besides JoAnns) would you please pass them on..or even online fabric stores..I would greatly appreciate it!! I would love to have some hip, modern styles to choose from!!! Stay tuned for updates on my "sewing expeditions!" Eeekkk Im SO excited!!

*In case you dont know what Im talking about heres a sample that I found online:


Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

I always thought Joanne's way out on Meridian has really good prints. I went there when I was looking for curtain material. The only other place I know of is Pacific Fabrics.
I think you are going to do great at this. If you pick up on it really fast I am sure I will be placing an order. I found one I like at Sugar babies, but I don't like the price!

Anonymous said...

karen, there is a"craft star" up in Kent on the east hill. they have a big selection of fabric.

Erin said...

I would love to be your first client...once you get started and have 2 or 3 to choose from let me know and I will send you a check...I didnt have one of these with Grace and would love to have one for when Olivia arrives mid November.

Jessica Morrish said...

I would totally buy one from you if/when I have another baby! There's Pacific Fabrics in Puyallup, and there's quilting stores too. My mom quilts a lot and she's found some neat fabric there. I know there's a place called GeeGee's in Yelm and another place in Eatonville, but I'm sure there are places closer to you.

Waletzko's said...

What fun for you! Again I recommend