Sunday, September 14, 2008

Top 10 Most Worthless Baby Items...

This is according to

Top 10 Most Worthless Baby Items
#10 Diaper Pail (Genie and Champ)
#9 Shopping Cart Cover
#8 Boppy Nursing Pillow
#7 Infant Shoes
#6 Hanging Diaper Stacker
#5 Bumbo Baby Seat
#4 Baby Robe
#3 Crib Bedding Set with Bumpers and Quilts
#2 Wipe Warmer

And the most useless thing of all........
#1 Bottle Warmer

*I have to disagree with the boppy!! Norah will sleep in it after she's done nursing and its great for pictures (I cover it with a favorite blanket and it keeps her propped up!!)

**I also disagree with the bedding and the shoes...because...well...its about fashion and decorating...what more is there to say!! :)


Michelle said...

Was that written by a single man? LOL I couldn't have lived without the Boppy, and am in LOVE with my shopping cart cover. Besides those & the infant shoes, I never have used/needed the other 7 things on the list.

Michelle said...
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Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

How dare anyone criticize the Boppy! I NEEDED my boppy! And I think there is a difference between something being useless/a waste of money and fun/unecessary. I would have to agree with the bottle warmer being the stupidest.
I'm sure my kids have lots of "stupid" things that I love!

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...
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~amy~ said...

#9.... is still my favorite for my # YEAR OLD! What do they know;)

Angela Miller said...

Wow! I love my diaper genie, boppy, shopping cart cover, bedding set and an occassional pair of infant shoes.

Michelle said...

I think the only things on the list that I would not buy are the bottle warmer, the robe and the bumbo seat... this is a dumb list! A lot are needed and used... especially the shoes!!! ;]

Waletzko's said...

I agree EXCEPT for the boppy and bumbo. I needed the boppy so I could sit because my who-ha was aching and i put bryn in the bumbo in the bathtub ( no, i dont leave her alone still )

VBC MOPS said...

I loved my boppy and now Anna uses it to help her sit up. Michelle gave me a shopping cart cover for my shower and we're just now able to use it. I love it! It protects Anna from germs and it helps her sit up in the cart and in high chairs at restraunts. I keep it in my car and use it every time I'm shopping or at a restraunt. It also has a tag that you can hook toys on it so that helps keep her entertained! I can't imagine not having a nursery without the bedding! But I guess that's not a "need". Oh, yeah, I also used the boppy when Anna was a newborn to sleep on to help with her acid reflux!