Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birthday Boys and Milestones::

This evening, Steve and I took the kids to Olympia to meet up with his family to celebrate Jacobs 3rd birthday as well as my brother in law's 32nd birthday which was just 2 days later. Unfortunately, they were unable to attend the party we had for him last Sunday, so it was our chance to catch up and enjoy a great dinner together. Jacob had a wonderful time with his cousin Serena and all of the kids had a blast watching the chef do his thing on the grill...
Norah had her first taste of shrimp tonight and I think she enjoyed it...that's got to be from Steves side because I dont do seafood :)

Here are some pictures from the night..

The Birthday Boys!

Norah with Papa John

Norah and Grandma Susy..


First shrimp!

It's so hard to get a group photo!

Jacob :)

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Angela Miller said...

Ah,Norah likes shrimp too? :) LOL