Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Not much to report...

...on the home front over here.

Had a great MOPS meeting this morning where we planned the rest of our meetings through January. I am looking forward to some great speakers, fun crafts, and an overall good time with some awesome moms.

I finally purchased the last of the "ingredients" I've been wanting in order to complete my studio. I am now the proud owner of some new little knit hats, a speed light (aka external flash), some studio lights, and a reflector. I am hopeful, that between all of that good stuff, I will be able to conquer indoor lighting. :)

I had originally hoped to go to the mall with the family tonight, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Steve ended up getting home really late (stupid Seattle traffic) and I decided we should go when we had more time to look around. He still insisted on going out so he let me hit up Joanns for some adorable brown fabric (for shoots) I quickly realized he was wanting to get a new DVD player so we went to Wal Mart where we found a great deal on one. We both thought Sonic sounded good for dinner....at 8:30 :( so we went and picked it up for when we got home. Nothing like watching some "Biggest Loser" while chowing down on a coney dog :) oh well..

Now as I wrap this up, I wait for Steven to finish the install of our new player and then we must decide weather to watch "17 Again" or "The Illusionist" both of which, I got from our library tonight! Gotta love free movie rentals :)

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