Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh, what a night! (and day)

I thought yesterday was busy, today was also no exception! I am exhausted. Both emotionally and physically. We all went to church this morning and it felt so good to be back! Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early for a shoot that brought me up to Kenmore! We ended up going to Lake Washington and it was stunning! I must admit, I have never been there before, and the views of the gorgeous houses on the lake blew me away! It was a bit blustery but I think we got some great shots! From Kenmore, I went back to my place just with enough time to watch the Seahawks lose in the 4th quarter (sigh) next year boys, next year.
It wasn't long after that, that I had to get ready for a long anticipated ladies night at the Sephora in Southcenter. A friend of ours was able to get the place to ourselves for the entire evening! Not only did they provide food, great music and awesome make-up artists, but they also sent us home with gift bags! Ya what a celebrity attending an event would bring home? :) I wasn't sure if I was going to make it up tonight, but boy am I glad I did. I was feeling pretty low this evening after some things were said about me. I was in need of a pick me up, and thanks to some pretty special girls, I was able to forget about the necessary stresses in my life and move on! It is truly a blessing when God puts good people in your life at just the right time and I have no doubt He brought these people to me tonight! Friends lift you up and love you for who you are. I. am. so. blessed and am ready to move on and celebrate life with those who genuinely care about me.

Enough with the drama, life's too short!

I hope you all enjoy your week!!
G'nite :)


Suzie said...

I'm so jealous and bummed I couldn't come up to Sephora tonight, sounds like so much fun!! And I'm sorry you are feeling down, I more drama!! Love you!!

Keri said...

I'm so glad you were able to go, and so bummed I couldn't join you! And who on earth would be so silly as to say mean things about you? Keren, you rock, and I am looking forward to getting to know you better!