Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tragedy in Lakewood::

Early this morning a city not far from where I live, was completely turned upside down. 4 police officers were tragically gunned down while catching up on work at a local coffee shop. It was an obvious ambush and the suspect fled on foot. From what it sounds like, they have a person of interest and other police agencies are coming together to find this suspect quickly.

Not only do I have friends that knew one of the officers very well, but a friend from church was working at that very coffee shop this morning. We are all praying for her...and the rest of the people that had to witness such a horrible act. I also ask that you pray for the officers familes, which combined, have 9 children. I hope justice comes to the shooter and peace will be with those affected by this tragedy.


Tina Griswold

Ronald Owens

Mark Renninger

Greg Richards

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Suzie said...

Such a horrible tragedy :( What is this world coming to?? Mark's wife dispatched here for a long time and just quit a couple years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the families and people involved.