Sunday, November 1, 2009


November marks the first of 30 straight days of blogging. I did it last year and *hope* to do it again this year. You should also try and complete the challenge as well!

To start of the month, let's talk about our interesting day in the ER...

This afternoon we were to celebrate Jacobs 3rd birthday with a party at our house.
I was at the store picking up some last minute stuff while Steve was outside on the driveway sweeping up the mess from last nights trick or treaters, when he heard a loud thump and a "Daddy!!!" ...I get a phone call from him saying, "I need to take Jacob to the ER" (not the most comforting of words let me tell you!)

Jacob apparently remembered there was a piece of candy on top of my solid wood dresser and he figured since I was shopping and Steve was outside, it was the best time for him to get it. It turns out, the dresser fell and we're still not sure weather it landed on top of him or what, but his pain seemed to be focused on just a couple of fingers. Right away, Steve thought they were broken and so he called our neighbor girl to come over to watch Norah and they went to the local hospital; where I met them. The scariest thing about the day was the amount of people in the ER who looked like they were suffering from "swine flu"-like symptoms. We should have waited outside :( . Fortunately, since Jacobs injury was a "bone" issue, we were able to go to a different clinic a few doors down away from the sick people and with a much shorter wait time. Once we saw the Dr. she had Jacob do a few things with his hand and it led her to believe his finger was not broken and no x-ray would be needed. (Thank God!) She ended up just putting a little splint on his finger and said he was good to go...the best part? They were both back home in time for his party and was feeling 100% again! (phew!)

This has been a crazy, busy weekend to say the tonight we are just going to relax and enjoy the rest of our evening!

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The Elfers said...

I'm glad it all worked out and that Jacob wasn't seriously hurt.