Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fun Day!!

The kids and I had a great time together today! Steve headed out early to spend some time with the guys from our church at a 1 day retreat. From what I was heard, the speaker was very good and the fellowship was awesome!! He even brought home a brand new basketball for winning the free throw competition they had! (Way to go honey!) While Steve was out today, I arranged some pictures with the kids at Windmill Gardens in Sumner! I am so excited to see how they turned out! From there, we went to celebrate the 1st birthday of Miss Keeley! She is special to us because her mom and dad are great friends of ours :) It was a lot of fun seeing all of our friends together again! We came home where the kids had a short nap but apparently, that's all they needed because their batteries were recharged and we were ready to hit the road again (this time Steve was home to help out!) We went to Joanns where we bought some foam and some darling fabric to create the cushion needed to complete our window seat for the studio. I really like the fabric we picked out and I'll be sure to post pictures asap! We then headed over to Target for our bi-weekly visit to stock up on a few things as well as pay a visit to the little girls clothing aisle :) I got 2 cute shirts for just 2.50 each! Whoo hoo! By the time we were done, we were all ready for some food, so we went across the street to Red Robin (mmm....) I had the most amazing fish and chips ever! I love that place, especially since we didnt have to pay for the kids food! Thanks to a good friend of ours, she gave us a stack of coupons for free Kids Meals! All in all, it was a busy day, but just as successful as it was tiring! I am looking forward to a night of relaxing and watching "17 Again"...I hope it's as good as "The Illusionist" was!


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Suzie said...

We really enjoyed 17 again!! I hope you do too :)