Friday, November 6, 2009

Just saw the coolest thing::

A girl on a message board I am a part of just posted that a girl was going to be showing her birth live on the internet. The wannabe nurse in me checked it out right away. Unfortunately, I was late for the birth but I did get to see this new baby girl get all checked out, meet her new family members, and even got to see her eat for the first time! It was beautiful!

It did not help my baby fever
at all, so I have to continuously talk myself out of getting knocked up by going back to these pictures and recalling my gigantic stomach (exhibit A):

and pushing my brains out just to get Norah to budge: (Exhibit B)

But then I see this picture:

and I'm sucked back in again!! instead of wanting another baby, it really made me consider going back to nursing school. Seriously. It always has been and always will be my dream job. But for now, I will just enjoy these little newborns I get to photograph instead! Im hoping very soon, I will be able to complete my last few years of school and one day become an RN in labor in delivery! :sigh: :)

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