Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New "do" ::

Last week, I called my good friend Sheena because I was desperate to get a haircut for the holidays! Thankfully, she was also in need of family pictures so it worked out perfectly! Im pretty sure it has been almost a year since I last had it done!! Granted, Im still getting used to having short, thinner and soft hair again, but boy, do I love it! She also added some caramel and dark red streaks all over too! I dont know why I didnt do this earlier!! Here is a quick picture Steve took of me tonight...



*I also have bangs, but am still "training" them to fall straight and no longer the right side, where they have been "living" the last 18 months!

Thank you so much Sheena!
(I forgot to mention that she is adorably 25 weeks pregnant and I have the honor of photographing her birth in March!!!!!)

If you'd like her phone number, just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send it your way! She works up in Enumclaw :)