Friday, October 3, 2008

Bugs... and a busy week!!! (LONG)

Ever since we've been living in Orting, (a little over a year now) I've notice one strange thing, there are some very odd looking bugs surrounding us!! Ive always been the type to let them go and not hurt them and Steven does the same, but the last few weeks have proved a little more challenging. Jacob loves to pick up these bugs, come inside, and proudly tell me "Mommy, mommy a bug, a bug!!" it takes everything not to freak out as it would probably make Jacob do the same, so I have to praise him and urgently figure out a way to make the bug disappear!! The other day Jacob picked up and earwig and by golly...those things really do pinch!! It freaked both Steven and I out and we quickly flicked it off of his finger. You'd think he would have learned a lesson in picking up bugs, but nope, he was back at it again, this time with a spider...and then a daddy long leg, a ladybug and a few other "foreign" looking bugs....Steven has also stumbled across a few abnormally large insects, furthermore FREAKING me out, especially when he wants to keep them and show my dad. We usually end up "googling" the image to try and figure out what it is. It keeps us on our toes (literally) that's for sure!!

Now that the kids and I are definatley back into the swing of things, we're doing a lot more, and this week was no exception!! Sunday night we had our good friends Andy and Suzie over for dinner and games!! We try and get together with them at least once a month and have a great time whenever we do so!! They do so well with Jacob and he loves them too! We feel so blessed to have them in our lives!!

Monday, we celebrated Angelas birthday at Bahama Breeze (oh my goodness!) it was SO good, I cant rave about that place enough!! We then headed over to Nordstroms together to try and spend the gift card I have but no luck, we had to get back at a decent time because Suzie and Andy were so kind in watching Jacob at their house for the night!! Thank you guys so much!!

Tuesday, we had my good friend Alicia, and her little boy Jaxon over for a playdate. They did so well together and had a blast being boys!! I look forward to getting to know her better this year in MOPS as well!!

Wednesday, Alicia and I met up yet again, this time at Pioneer park in Puyallup, also joined by our friends Stephanie and Audrey and their little girls!! We all had a blast and the kids sure tired themselves out playing so hard! Im glad we went when we did as it rained this morning!! Audrey and I know each other through our mom and baby group and I met Stephanie on an online message board, oddly enough everyone knew everyone even though I had never met Stephanie in person before! It was awesome..and we were all blown away how we all had seperate connections to each other!! Its a small, small, world!!

We kicked off the AWANA year at church last night as well. Jacob is now a "puggle" ..its the name of the group for the 2-3 year olds!! I cant believe my little boy is going to be saying his own verses, doing little crafts, having little class parties and learning more and more about Jesus!! It makes me so happy to know that he is learning so much about Him at such an early age, I just pray Steven and I take every possible opportunity to teach him as well, because I want nothing more than for my children to come to know Christ at an early age.

Today I was able to spend time with my best friend Katie! She was so sweet and brought us lunch (as well as an adorable brown puffy vest for Jacob) one of the many benefits of having a best friend that worked at Old Navy!! We were able to catch up and have some great conversation before she had to leave for work at her new job (Coldwater Creek) officially open at the Tacoma Mall tomorrow!

Our church is having its annual womens mini retreat this weekend!! I always look forward to it and this year is no exception!! I've already talked to a few new ladies that will be coming, and Im thrilled to get to know them better! I am thankful that Steven will be home and will be able to watch Jacob for me. Its a great time of fellowship with one another and a much needed break away from the stresses of life to get in some female bonding!!
On that happy note, have a great weekend...


Anonymous said...

I love reading this it makes me feel like I am not missing so much. GS

Angela Miller said...

I'm totally bummed that I can't come to the retreat! Have fun.