Tuesday, October 7, 2008

911 :: What Is Your Emergency?

(Yes, the scrapbooker in me had to take a picture!)
That's the first thing I heard when I called 911 this morning. I was on my way to our first MOPS meeting of the year. I had gotten Jacob secured in his car seat, the diaper bag, cell phone and snacks were loaded up and all that was left to do, was to load up Norah. As I threw my keys over onto my seat (as Im shutting the door at the same time) I hear "click" and thought to myself...oops, that didnt sound good, and I was right. I had just locked Jacob in the car. I have no spare key, no home phone (my cell phone is in the car) and now Im going to be late. I tried to see if I could get Jacob to somehow push the lock on his door, in hopes he'll know what Im talking about and we'd be out in no time. Nope. Didn't happen. I had to grab Norah and go to our neighbors house to borrow the phone. It wasnt going to help to call Steven, because he doesnt have a spare key and we dont have AAA (my parents do, but even then, Im not sure that would help us at all) plus, they'd probably take awhile to arrive. So we called the non-emergency Orting Police Dept number and had no luck, no one answered. We had to resort to calling 911. The operator was super nice and had Orting fire dept on the way asap. (Phew!) Once they arrived in the big truck, 3 firefighters :) jumped out and noticed my "Emergency Medical Technician" sticker on the back of my car. They asked me if I was an EMT and I had to humbly admit that I was, adding even more to the embarassment. The guys were so nice and friendly and joked around with me. I joked back telling them "Don't worry, I'll definatley vote YES this November for Fire/EMS levy" they laughed. Thankfully, my neighbor stayed with me the whole time and brought Jacob over some snacks...he was still upset as to why 3 men were trying to open the car door, and why mommy and another lady were all outside and he wasnt. I couldnt blame him, I felt so bad! The whole process took just under a half hour and we were done. Off to MOPS we went. Jacob recovered well, with a sucker in one hand, and a firemans sticker in the other!! Thank you Orting Fire Department!! You guys rock!!

**On a side note, when we got home Jacob and I went out back to let Buddy out. I was talking to Steven on the phone when I saw Jacob shutting the sliding glass door. Immediately, I tried to stop him because I could see the stick that we keep in the door (inside) was falling into the slot as Jacob was shutting the door. Yup, we got locked out again...this time in our backyard. Thankfully, the front door was still unlocked and we got in just fine.
What a day!!


Angela Miller said...

Your life is full of excitement! You need to run right out and make spare keys for the car and house and find a good place to hide them in case of another emergency.

Pure Mommy Extract said...

I can hear Suzanne's brain saying, "Keren just signed up to do a Mommy Moment!" right now. He he he. Don't be surprised if that happens if she reads your blog...=)

And how scary for little Jacob. I'm glad you made it today anyway.

~amy~ said...

Dont leave your house for the rest of the day! :)

Chris Fenton said...

Don't feel too bad, Serena locked Susy out of the van one time :).

Heidi B. said...

Woman! I am so glad you finally made it to MOPS. We were so busy I never got a chance to ask what made you so late this morning. Glad you were able to make it!