Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mops Playdate:: Jumpin Jack n Jills

Throughout the Mops year, my table leader, Alicia (and my good friend) has made a point to make sure we, as a table, get together for regular playdates. It works out great because all of us have children/babies within just a few years of each other . Today, to start off our year, Alicia picked out Jumpin Jack n Jills, in Sumner. This is a facility that houses an obstacle course w/ slide, jump house, 14 foot slide, stand up arcade machine w/ 200 games, air hockey table and toddler area. I had never been before but was really looking forward to it. Jacob loves to jump on anything! This way, he was able run wild and not get in trouble! It only cost us 6.00 and he had a complete blast! He was so sweaty by the time we were done. I will definatley be going back soon! There were a few other playgroups there as well. It was great getting to know the moms at my table and I look forward to our playdates in the future!! Im officially addicted to this place...and I think I know where Im going to have Jacobs 3rd birthday party!! Here are a few pictures of our morning...

* The obstacle course*

*Jacob on the slide....his favorite part!*

*You cant forget a little air hockey too!*


Jessica said...

so cool!

VBC MOPS said...

No wonder he was so tired tonight! :)