Monday, October 6, 2008

Need Help::Pick Norahs Costume!!

I was given 2 costumes for Norah to wear this year for Halloween, problem is, I cant decide which one she should wear!! I am leaning toward the ladybug b/c it makes her look like a girl and I think she looks good in red...but we have a kitty at our house that looks just like her costume....ahhh! Will you help me make up my mind??


Itty Bitty said...

Ditto on the lady bug :)

Michelle said...

Daniel's pick is the ladybug. I think that would be mine too, partly because it's more recognizable. The cat is not so obvious. Norah is such a cutie in the cat pictures though! :)

Suzie said...

they are both adorable..then again Norah is adorable no matter what she is wearing!! I would go with the ladybug I think though :)