Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Party Time:: Ben and Heathers

Last Saturday, our good friends Ben and Heather invited us to their place for an evening of fun, food, and scary movies. She thought it would be fun to have us all dress up. I was so busy last week I barely had time to think, let alone plan for a costume for the 2 of us. So unfortunatley, I was stuck wearing my costume from last year and Steven wore his "redneck" outfit from our Hick Party in July. It was still a great time!! This is pretty much the same group that gets together for our murder mystery dinners a few times a year so and there's never a dull moment! Especially with the guys, they always seem to have us on the floor dying of laughter. Last Saturday was no different! We just added a few more people into the mix!! My mom was gracious enough to take Jacob for the night and Norah pretty much slept the whole time so Steven and I got to enjoy a night of adult conversation! We played "chubby bunny", the game where you have to stick one marshmellow in your mouth at a time while trying to say "chubby bunny" it starts out farily easy but then quickly gets harder. The guys were hilarious to watch.... they really got into it!
Here are a few pictures of the night...

*The Girls*

*Some of the Boys*

*Yours Truly*
(Dont worry, I am wearing a wig!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh how fun!!!! YOU look fantastic, girl!!!! Wow!! I always love to read your blogs, you are such a good writer!!!
-Kellie N.