Sunday, October 5, 2008

Playdate:: Pumpkin Patch!!

I have been lucky enough to find a wonderful message board online, full of great women from the greater Seattle area! Today, 4 of us were able to arrange a little get together and finally meet in person!! I had a great time and thanks to the girls, I got some cute pictures of Norah!! Here is a glimpse of our afternoon...

Me and my girl....

Messy, messy sawdust!!

As you can see, Norah wasnt a huge fan
of the wheelbarrow!!

Our attempt at proping Norah against the
pumpkins....she slid right on down (hehe)

Kim and her beautiful girl, Payton!!

Ashley and her little stud, Gage!!
Tami and the super adorable Addie!!

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Pure Mommy Extract said...

Fun! We got to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend too. The rain actually made for some extra fun for us, but looks like you lucked out with no rain.