Thursday, October 16, 2008

BBQ:: Suzie and Andy's

We were invited to Suzie and Andys last Saturday night for a bbq to celebrate Suzie finally getting a few weekends off (she's a 911 dispatcher and rarely gets that time off) we all had a great time and got to catch up with many friends from high school! We were going to find a babysitter for the kids but ran out of time because we came straight from the pumpkin patch. I was so cute seeing all of my friends playing with Jacob, he sure made a name for himself and had no problem showing off. It was nice to have an adult conversation, and at the same time, I knew Jacob was being taken care of. Norah was the only baby and there was no shortage of arms wanting to hold her. It was precious. Jacob loves going to see Auntie Suzie and Uncle Andy too! They take great care of him and he especially loves their boxer, Maverick. We were so glad we were able to make it and look forward to the next get together...murder mystery dinner maybe?? Thank you Suzie and Andy for having us over, and for the adorable Seahawks outfit you bought for Norah...(too bad it didnt bring them any luck on Sunday! Boo!)

Here are a few pictures from the night...

*Alysha and Norah*


*Seth and Nicole, the cutest pregnant girl ever*

*Me with Norah and Avrey*

*Norah sporting the adorable new outfit from Suzie*

*Mr. Andy at the BBQ*

*Katie and Miss Norah*

*Alysha and Miss Norah again*


*Oh My Goodness, these girls were just too precious for words!!*

*Some of the gang by the fire*

**And now, for my completely random fact of the day, taken from
"The Paranoids Pocketbook"

-Some 3.7 million Americans claim to have neem abducted by aliens. Most found it a postitive experience.-

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