Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"I am not a boy" -Norah

Ok, so I know this shouldnt bother me but it does! Nearly every time I take the kids out I get asked how old he is (this happened 3 times in one night yesterday!)...and Im not talking about Jacob!! He, as in my daughter Norah If you have been to our house, or more specifically, Norahs room, you would see her endless amounts of girly clothing, top that off with every one of her pink blankets and you'd think you've got yourself a little "princess" nope...apparantley I'm a mom of 2 "princes". I think I may have a solution to this mess (besides putting her in the enormous flower headbands :) I am going to try and find a pink carseat (or cover). The one we got for Jacob was "gender neutral" or so I thought, but apparantly the sage green screams boy. Thats the only thing I can think of thats making people think I have a Noah instead of a Norah :) So before I go and buy a cover or even a new carseat (whatevers the cheapest) I beg anyone who is currently not using their "girly" carseat to let me buy it from you, or at least borrow it until she's into a toddler seat!!
::vent over::




Vicky said...

Amber's friend Vicky here (we met at Ben's shower)...

I was bald as a baby and my mom said everyone thought I was a boy-- no matter how frilly of a dress she put me in, or how pink the blankets were. BUT, if she put a bow on my head, everyone suddenly knew I was a girl. She had some sort of pink tape, and she would fold it into tiny bows and stick it on my head. Worked every time.

Good luck!

Angela Miller said...

Sorry, I had to laugh at the comment about having a Noah not a Norah! People just don't pay attention. She is always dressed in obviously girly clothes and has pink blankets or the huge flower headbands on. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Before you know it she will have a ton of hair and you can put little clips in it.

Samantha Edwards said...

:) I still don't understand how a "Noah" could be wearing a red shirt with cherries and still be mistaken! We can get Norah a cute little wig for Halloween maybe?

Michelle said...

People are dumb Keren and they don't really pay attention to stuff. I was at Sugar Babies yesterday and saw a baby in just a diaper with an earing... I couldn't see the other side and I thought "well this is a girl" nope! It was a boy about a year old with an earing... now that's kinda confusing! haha! I don't think she looks like a boy... people used to tell my mom (while I was in all pink with a headband on) "what a cute little boy!!!!" Dont take it to heart... people are just stupid! ;]