Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I've been tagged!!

My friend, Angela, tagged me with the task of telling you about 10 of Stevens' favorite things. I know I won't get them in the right order, but I hope I am close....

10. Coffee!!- Cant leave home without it (even if we're running late)

9. Home Depot- Its his shopping mall. Like most people go to the mall the day after Thanksgiving, you'll find Steven waiting in line at Home Depot.

8. Animals- He has a heart for animals, he loves playing in the backyard with our dog, Buddy, he will take him out to run errands with him in his truck and makes sure he gives Buddy some love every morning before he goes to work. You cant forget our kitties, he loves them too, he even lets all of the animals sleep with us...if that's not love I dont know what is!

7. Projects- I can proudly say that besides installing the carpet and granite countertop, Steven has remodeled our house completely on his own (he actually enjoys doing it too!)!! He's put up all of our molding, put recessed lighting in almost every room, painted all of the walls, replaced all plug and switch covers, installed a few ceiling fans, put up chair railing in the kids rooms, replaced all of the door and handles, built our fireplace mantle and facing as well as installed the kitchen cabinets, appliances and framed out every window in the house. I am extremely lucky to have such a handy guy around! What woman doesnt like a man in a toolbelt? :)

6. Movies- Steven always gets excited when he hears of a new movies coming out.
Unfortunatley, with 2 young kids, our theater experiences have seen better days. Not to mention it literally costs an arm and a leg to go out. I dont share the same excitment unless we're talking a good horror movie, our favorite genre. Almost every weekend hes requesting a movie to watch, now if only I could get him to stay awake for the whole thing!

5. Food- Do I really need to explain this one? :) My man can eat!!

4. ESPN- If you could set a homepage for your tv, like you can your computer, ESPN would be ours. He's gotta have his up to the minute stats!

3. Football- See previous response :) I love it though, I cant complain, we love to watch it all day on Sundays and look forward to Monday Night Football pizza!! Its something we enjoy doing together and I can appreciate a man who loves his football. (If you see us at early service, its because the Seahawks play at 10!)

2. Jacob and Norah- I could dedicate a whole blog post to this one. Where do I begin? I am so amazed with the amount of love that fills Stevens heart for his children. They genuinely light up his life. Even after working long 10 hour days, Steven finds the energy to give 110% to both kids. He plays with Jacob while holding Norah so I can finish making dinner. He wakes up with Jacob on Saturday mornings and gets him breakfast so they can have a little time together watching Saturday morning cartoons. He talks about them both even when they are in bed for the night and always makes sure to ask how they are doing whenever we talk on the phone. It melts my heart to see him with our "babies!"

1. Me- We're best friends and have a great time together. I would be so lost without him!!

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Angela Miller said...

I see our men like a lot of the same things. That must be why they get along so well!

Suzie said...

hahah...thanks for the tag!! I filled mine out..and I love the new background!!