Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Awana:: Puggles

*Jacob grinning ear to ear...ready to eat his cupcake!*

*Diving In...*

I grew up in the Awana program at church... I began as a "Sparky" (Kindergartener) and I remember looking forward to Wendesday nights; getting to say my verse, play games, listen to council time and my favorite, rewards (candy)!! I have the privilege to work with the Jr High girls and Steven works with the 4th and 5th grade boys, we both have a lot of fun with them but this year had been even more special... Jacob has now entered the Awana world of "Puggles" (the 2-3 year olds) it has made going to Awana, even more rewarding. Technically, Jacob was supposed to be 2 by September but his teachers allowed him to still join. I cant tell you how much he had spiritually grown! He now makes sure we pray every night before bed and before each meal. Its so adorable seeing him cross his hands and repeat after Steven or I. Tonight for example, we both prayed for Grandma and Papa, Mommy and Daddy, Baby Norah, Buddy our dog (*he thew that one in), and for the trees, clouds and the light. All of which are what he's been learning about in his class. The theme this year has been "God created everything" and each week they learn about something different. Like the older kids, they also get to enjoy game time, story time and Jacobs favorite, snack time!! I think Jacob truly looks forward to Wednesday nights as much as I did growing up. As soon as we pull into the parking lot he's saying "Church, Church...and I think hes saying Puggles too, but it comes out more like "puckkles!!" with much enthusiasm. Tonight the kids celebrated Jacobs 2nd birthday (which is on Sunday) he was given a balloon, wonderful cupcakes, and a stuffed animal! Thank you so much Amy and Ricci for the adorable pictures and being such great teachers to Jacob and even better friends to me!

Love you both,


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Anonymous said...

Wow, it was only yesterday that I saw Jake and he looked 2... In this picture he looks almost 5!! And I must add, he is looking more and more like Steven all the time, but a Mexican one of course!!