Monday, November 10, 2008

Add 2 more to the list::

Huge Congrats to "K" and her hubby "B"!! They just got a BFP (big fat positive) this weekend!!! Eeeekkk, shes due just 3 days before Norahs 1st b-day!! I told her to hold out until the 22nd so they can be birthday buddies!! ( I cant disclose names yet...shes only told a few people :)

Also I am proud to annouce the birth of my 2nd cousin this morning!! Keet (boy) was born up in Alaska and I am told mom and baby are doing great!! Eeekk!! Congrats Maya and Da-Ka!! I cant wait to see pictures!!

Also, please keep praying for Brie and her sweet baby girl. I havent heard any updates recently (which could be a great thing) I know Brie was discharged and now back at Emily is still in the hospital and could still use your prayers!! I will be sure to keep you updated!!


VBC MOPS said...

Do I know "K" and "B"????

Christia said...

Hey Keren! I'm totally working on my Etsy site, and business cards/logo :) I'm knitting a ton too!

Thank you SO much!

Christia said...

Ok, sorry to keep commenting on your blog, but check mine out!