Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day at the Park::

The other day the sun finally decided to show its had been awhile and I was determined to take advantage of a day outside that didn't involve getting wet! We have a great park in our development so I packed up the kids and off we went! Every so often, I would look back at Jacob walking behind me and notice he was on his knees looking down the sewer first I didnt think anything of it but after the 3rd one I finally asked him what he was looking for and he said " the fishies go night night?" ...after I told him they dont live there he then changed the subject and said as he pointed down to the drain again "a drink, a drink!!"...nasty!! Thankfully, I had some juice with us and was able to distract him long enough for us to arrive at the park and have a great time!! Here are a couple of pictures I took along the way...

*Jacob looking for the fish...*

*Jacobs driving, look out!*

*Here he comes!*

*His favorite toy!*

*Norah had a great time too!*

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Stephanie said...

Keren, Your blog is adorable! One of these days I'm going to figure out how to post background music on mine.