Saturday, November 15, 2008

A "cute" accident::

As mentioned in the post below, I have a funny story that took place at Alicias on Wednesday....
(*I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!)

As Alicia and I were playing around with a few possible shots, she suggested that we take Norah's diaper off...I agreed that those pictures are the best! As I was taking off the diaper, Alicias little boy, Jaxon (see picture below) suddenly got a look of concern on his face.

He coudnt understand why this little girl had her diaper off. We both tried to explain to him that it was ok for her to have it off while mommy tried to take a few pictures. He stayed close and watched with caution. He couldnt let it go, he wasnt going to rest until a diaper was put back on Norah. Alicia and I kept laughing about it because this was now his main focus. He soon began questioning me about the "case of the missing diaper" I assured him it would go on very quickly because we didnt want her to have any accidents....
Instantly...we both looked down and saw the following

Oops!! Someone had an accident! Instantly Alicia and I start dying of laughter meanwhile, Jaxon looks as if he's going to throw up, which made me laugh even harder. I think at one point I had tears flowing out of my eyes. His look was priceless. Meanwhile Alicia grabbed some towels and Norah began giggling away. I hadnt laughed that hard in a long time! Within seconds, Jaxon was up to his room and had quickly grabbed a diaper for me...there was only one problem, it was a size 4 :) he was sharing one of his diapers with was just too cute for words. I assured him I was now going to put a new, smaller, diaper on her and wouldnt have to worry anymore..but we did end up getting some great shots of her with and without that infamous diaper...looks as if he knew something was going to happen...and we should have listened to him all along...

*I've been caught*

*Did I do that?*

*Good thing Im cute!*

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