Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Steven!!:: November 19th

I have been so busy working on my new website I havent gotten a chance to wish my wonderful husband a very happy birthday until now!! He loves to rub it in that he's 4 years older than me for about 3 weeks until I have my birthday in December. I am so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. I thank God for him everyday and couldnt have asked for a better father for our kids!! In honor of Stevens 28th birthday I'd love to share with you 28 reasons I love my husband...

28. He's such a hard worker
27. He'll listen to me ramble about the most random things
26. He's funny!
25. He always lets me pick what to listen to on the radio (I do share though!)
24. He loves animals just as much as me
23. He makes me a bowl of ice cream almost every night
22. He'll rub my back, feet or head almost every night too!
21. He's so patient
20. He compliments my cooking even if it didnt turn out quite right :)
19. He'll wake up with Jacob on Saturday mornings so Norah and I can sleep in they spend time together watching cartoons and eating breakfast together!!
18. He works long hours in the evenings and weekends doing side jobs for us
17. He is such a handy man!! There isnt anything he cant fix around here!
16. He gets excited over the simple things
15. He doesnt care if I go to the mall, as long as he doesnt have to join me :)
14. He loves to talk about our children to his customers at work!
13. Customers love him so much that they will often call his boss and let him know how much they appreciated his work and attitude!
12. He loves to wash the cars and mow the lawn and most of all, clean the house!!
11. He is honest
10. He is faithful
9. He is forgiving
8. Did I mention how patient he is?
7. He's not a picky eater!
6. He loves his family
5. He's a man of his word
4. He'd do anything for our kids
3. He puts God first
2. He has a servants heart
1. He chose to marry me!

I love you babe :)

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