Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Party Time!!

This is my 200th post, and I thought it would be fitting to share some pictures of Jacobs 2nd birthday party, get it? 200....2nd bday?? I try (hehe)

On Sunday, we had a few of our closest friends and family (30 to be exact) over to our place for lunch to celebrate Jacobs 2nd birthday!! Im not one for "character" type parties and was originally going to do a Seahawk/football them instead, but given the circumstances of the Seahawks current record (2-6) and the fact that Jacob is obsessed with Disneys Cars, I decided to suck it up and go with the theme he would love...after all, it was his party!! We hid all of the "Cars" decorations until the morning of, and as soon as Jacob noticed there were "Ka-Chows" everywhere, you would have thought he'd died and gone to Heaven. He was on cloud 9! It was so fun to see his little face light up. I can only imagine how much fun it will be in the next couple of years when he really understands what birthdays are. Jacob was given so many wonderful gifts and loved every single one of them...especially the many little "Cars" he got!! Steven and I especially loved the many pairs of pj's he got!! To complete his nighttime attire my mom made him a "Cars" pillowcase and got him some Lightening McQueen slippers...he hasnt taken them off since!! It was truly a wonderful afternoon and we are so blessed with amazing people in our lives!!
Here are just a few pictures from the afternoon...

**Not to take away any attention from Jacob, but Jessica got a hold of Norah and had her belly laughing for quite a bit! I couldnt help myself so I grabbed the camera and recorded away...the video below is too cute!!
*Blowing out his candle!!!*

*Papa John with Norah!*

*Cris and Jessica!*

*Checking out his presents...*

*Jessica and Norah*

*The "Loot"*

*Angela and Truitt!*

*Aunt Jan and Uncle Chris*

*Jessica and Chris*

*John and Pat watching the football game*

*Grandma Susy and Jacobs Great Grandma and Papa*

*The cake*

*Fruit Snacks!*

*Some of the food*

and now.....the video :)


Stacy said...

we had that exact same cake for Tavin last year!

VBC MOPS said...

I'm so sad we didn't make it! :( Jessica is so good with babies! I can't wait to see her with Keeley!

Michelle P. said...

That is so cute! BTW owen had to watch it 3 times... he just looked at it with a huge grin on his face and said "norah!" haha!