Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been having a blast sewing with my mom the last few weeks... she has taught me so much, not to mention an incredible seamstress and can make practically anything without needing a pattern. If shes been to one of your baby showers, you'll know shes famous for her crib sheets. Jacob has at least 3 blankets from her as well as a dress or 2 for Norah.

I have been a "regular" at
Sugarbabies the last few days and have gotten to know Ashley, the owner quite well. Ive been scoping out some ideas in her store on more baby items that I can make besides the nursing wraps. Im thinking about doing the diapees and wipees holder, bibs, as well as burp rags!! My mom and I are already planning our train trip down to Portland to visit Fabric Depot and stock up on some new prints! Thank you mom for dedicating so much of your time to me the last few weeks and thank you Dad for watching Jacob while we sew!!

This week I plan on finishing 16 more wraps soon to follow!!


Christia said...

I LOVE Ashley! Yay for the new stuff!!!

Amanda Hug'n Kiss said...

Your mom is sooooo sweet!! I still have the crib sheet she made Aiden 6 years ago!! Jack uses it!
And as for your products, I want to be a customer ASAP!! I would love to come out and see what you have. I love having custom stuff. Everyone will be asking where I get my cute stuff.

Itty Bitty said...

isn't sewing the best! congratulations on your new hobby!

VBC MOPS said...

Rylie and Anna always use the sheets that your Mom made too!
I was going to ask you if you were going to make anything other than nursing covers. I could use some cute new bibs, I mean Anna could use some! :) How much are you charging for them?

Christia said...

Hey Keren,
So I decided that I can totally knit up some hats for Stacy's thing. I'm going to mail them to her house, but can they impose on your table? I would reallllly appreciate it, and would split the table cost with you.