Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Trick-or Treat...."

When I woke up yesterday morning, needless to say, I was a little bummed to see it raining out. I decided to make alternate plans in case we were unable to go out that night. I wanted to make sure Jacob got a chance to trick-or -treat and I wasnt hopeful the rain would stop. While I shopped for clothes, Jacob shopped for candy! (In a trick-or-treat sort of way) I was surprised to see so many toddlers and their was a blast, all the kids were having so much fun in their costumes! I dressed up both kids and they got many compliments on their costumes. Not one person thought my "little kitty" was a boy!! And all the young men were freaking out that Matt Hasselbeck was in the same mall as them ;) We came back and I made sure both kids got naps just in case we were able to go out that night. Since my dad has been gone for the last 30 days, my mom came over to our place and brought dinner!! By the time she arrived, the clouds had seperated and the sun was shining. I was so relieved! My mom stayed at our place and handed out candy while Steven and I took Jacob around our development. I had bought some candy at Target that had 100pc in it. I thought that was plenty. My mom brought over 2 more bags...I thought that it was too much. I was wrong. My mom had to shut off the light at 8pm because we'd already ran out! We had well over 150 kids, my mom did mention we got quite a few comments about our McCain sign in our window, all of them good too..phew, I didnt want eggs on our house anytime soon!!! This was the first year at our new house for Halloween because last year we were at church. I now have a better idea of what to buy next year. I didnt realize so many people were going to be coming in from off the hwy to trick-or-treat our development! I dont blame them though, our neighbors were so generous! When the first kids came to our door, we left with Jacob. I pulled him in his wagon while Steve wore Norah in the Baby Bjorn. We started around 6pm and didnt get home until after 8! Jacob did incredibly well! He shocked us both! By the end of the night,he was going up to the doors by himself (with us close by of course)! Everyone got a kick out of him and his costume, we've got a lot of Seahawk fans in our development. He even scored some special candy from some of the older neighbors. One lady was saving a toy car for that "special" trick or treater. She decided Jacob was it! Another lady was giving away playdough and we were also surpised with cookies!! Jacob got quite the variety of goodies and mastered the art of "trick-or-treating" he would open his wagon door, grab his bucket, walk up to the door, comment on the pumpkins, ring the doorbell (just once!) and say "trick-or-treat!" they would get a good laugh at Jacob, place the candy in his bucket and he'd say "Thank You!" It only took him a few houses and he had it down! He's recently gotten into Curious George so when Jacob saw "The man with the yellow hat" and his son "George" in a monkey costume walking around our development, he was in Heaven!! We were so proud of him and quite relieved actually! It could have gone either way...thankfully, he did awesome and we may just have a new favorite holiday!!
Here are a few pictures from our night....

*my little kitty*
(she wiped her whiskers off on one side...)

*Kisses for daddy!*

*Smiles for daddy too!*

*Daddy and his girl!*

*My mini stud muffin!*
(aka Mr. Hasselbeck!)

*Going through some of the loot!*

*Just some of the stash!*

*Jacob being silly!*


tscarter7 said...

They are too cute!!! PS Thanks for reading my blog!:)

Chris Fenton said...

Looks like they hit paydirt! See you guys tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap they are cute!! :) And what a hall on candy:)


Itty Bitty said...

So cute! Sounds like you all had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

ahh how fun!!! I'm so sad I missed out on trick-or-treaters while I tried to get some sleep since I started work at 2 am..ugh...the kids looked adorable as always!!


Anonymous said...

how freaking cute!! I handed out candy at work and we didnt have any trick or treaters at our house! :( Next year we are going out with you guys haha!!!

-Katie B