Sunday, November 23, 2008

Linky Love:: Black Friday

I look forward to Black Friday every year. It gives me an "excuse" to get up early and head out with the rest of the crazy soccer moms with their coffee in hand. After our familes are done eating Thanksgiving dinner, we spread out all of the ads and map out our plan of attack. It's amazing how much my prioritites have shifted since having kids. In the past you would have found me in line at Old Navy or Macys. This year, I will hopefully be at Toys R Us. I know how crazy that place can be but I went there last year and everything had already been picked over...and it was only 9am! If its a complete madhouse I may just head down the road a little bit and head to JoAnns. I always go there each year as well, but its usually after I've hit the mall. Surprisingly, that place gets crazy too! I've got a few more crafts up my sleeve and I figure what a better time to get some materials then when they are on sale! (Yes, Amy I will be doing bibs!) So in honor of Black Friday, I've included 2 links that will help you map out your own adventure on Friday. Here is a sneak peek of the deals that will be advertised later on this week....

Black Friday Ads
Black Friday Info