Saturday, November 8, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do::

The other day, I needed to get something up high in our cupboard, without thinking twice I grabbed a chair from our dining room, scooted it over to the pantry, stood on it and proceeded to get what I needed. I didnt think anything of it until I came into the kitchen awhile later to get something else and noticed Jacob was copying me! He had watched me on the chair and wanted to do the same thing. Problem is, we have his fruit snacks/crackers/Halloween candy and more junk up there he should not be getting into. I couldnt help but grab my camera because he was so impressed with himself. Now, as soon as Jacob gets up in the morning and Im still upstairs with Norah, he'll bring me up a treat...unfortunatley for him, I bring it back downstairs and exchange it for something healthy!!


Michelle said...

They're pretty resourceful, aren't they?! One time I walked in the kitchen to find Jonathan standing on the counter- he had pulled up a chair and climbed on it. Almost nowhere is safe anymore!

Katie B. said...

haha!! that is awesome! its like when he was at my house and he got on the bike! haha!!! i love it!!! my mom told me that we used to do the same thing!! paybacks are hell my friend!