Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mark Your Calendars::

It's that time of year again!! Crafters Boutiques are popping up on every corner all around town! I have been invited to participate in 2 of them but sadly had to turn one down because I just dont think I can make enough nursing covers in time!! Now I wish I had started making these a lot earlier!! Here is all of the info for the boutique on Friday, December 5th from 4-9pm! Admission is free and there will be prizes drawn every hour!! For more information check out the flyer below...if you are having problems reading it you can also go here(I am "Peek-a-Boo Baby")!! Also, be sure to check out Christias new creations...they are so adorable and I am honored to be able to sell them for her at the Crafters Boutique while she is away in Iowa. She just launched her etsy space as well! Show her some love and check out these darling hats shes making!


Michelle said...

Oh I want to go! Hopefully I can get someone to watch Owen if Derek's still working nights, I love crafty stuff!

Christia said...

Yay! Thanks Ker!